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The design and software teams at Sensolligent are
developing virtual simulators for process optimization
in the industrial sector.

The following products are developed and offered:

Digital Twin

A virtual image of your real plant

IoT Platforms

Data analysis and visualization


The next level of digital collaboration!


The IoT platforms

This innovative software solution offers live data analysis and visualization, reports and alerts, individually tailored to your plant and your needs. We will be happy to work with you to determine what data your plant can provide and what added value we can generate from it.


The digital twin

We create a complete digital twin of your real plant and bring it to life by means of a live data application. Large datasets and numerical series are a thing of the past, real-time images are the way to go now.

Whether on a business trip, at the airport or at home - with the digital twin of Sensolligent, you can observe your plant live at any time, independent of location.


Do you need guidance on your way to the digital future? We'll go along with you!


In our company, we bundle knowledge and skills from various specialist areas. As a member of the SPRINGER family with many years of industry experience, we have in-depth expertise in mechanical engineering, plant design and, above all, industrial digitalization.


Microsoft HoloLens 2

We offer delivery and support for Microsoft HoloLens2. Whether for training, remote support or collaborative working - we have the expertise - and of course both hands-free!

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