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Today's students are tomorrow's tech engineers


Last week, @Studikompass launched a new project at Lakeside Park. Students were given the opportunity to get to know an active working day directly at the tech companies located in Lakeside Park. Natalia, Stefano and Patrick of Sensolligent welcomed the students. "The brief introduction to Microsoft Hololens 2 conducted with a really young training group is really of a different caliber than those conducted with our "regular customers." The intuitive way students work with hardware is simply a generational leap ahead!" It wasn't always easy to finish the free work on the product, nevertheless we had lively discussions with each group at the end with really smart and exciting questions. With these questions, we want to say thank you for the lively participation and are already looking forward to the next edition of Studikompass 2023 - Sensolligent is of course happy to be part of it again.


 - "What do I need to learn to be able to do that?"

 - "What schools did you attend?" (addressed to our Stefano)

 - "How do the glasses know where my hands are?"



Jobs, jobs, jobs!


We continue to grow and are currently looking for employees. We need support in several positions and have already posted some vacancies. There will be more in the coming days. 


See CAREER AT SENSOLLIGENT for more information.




Sensolligent's headquarters in Austria


Our home is the Lakeside Science & Technology Park (called Lakesidepark for short) in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee in the direct vicinity of the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt. Together with the university premises, the campus forms the Lakeside District, which borders a Natura 2000 protected area.

This setting offers the ideal conditions for a high-quality working and living environment. With the university students' thirst for action and inspiring companies in the immediate vicinity, surrounded by intact nature and green spaces, even intense working days can be a true pleasure.

We are located in building B13A, one of the newest in the park, and share the third floor with colleagues from our sister companies SPRINGER Maschinenfabrik and DIAMIR Holding.  




Sensolligent celebrates its birthday!


On 01 February 2022 our company turned 4 years old. We can look back with pride on some very good times, but of course also some difficult times. After a great start and a remarkable development in the first years, some turbulent months followed, in which the global crisis also left its mark on us. Looking back, however, we are grateful for the many valuable experiences we've been able to make over the past years... These experiences have welded us together as a team and we can look forward to a successful future with full motivation and confidence. Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow for big get-togethers right now, but we'll certainly have the opportunity to celebrate our success in a worthy manner.